Library Card

In order to apply for a library card, potential patrons must bring into the Library proof of their current address. 

This proof can be a driver's license, mail of any kind that shows your new address, a rental agreement, or any professional documentation that shows your current address.

Patrons must fill out the required form.  There is no charge for a library card.  Children preschool age through fifth grade must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to be issued a library card.  The parent or guardian will be required to verify information on the registration card of the child and sign the registration card.  Parents have the responsibility for a child's card and any financial obligations incurred on it until the child's 18th birthday.  After verification, the registrant is issued a borrower's card with the patron barcode. This card entitles users to borrow circulating library materials and place holds on circulating library materials owned by the Hampton Public Library.  Library cards also authorize the card holder access to online materials such as any databases or other downloadable materials owned by the HPL.

The registrant is informed that only 5 items can be checked out the first time using the new barcoded card.  After the initial check out and return, there is no limit on books but VOX Audio books are restricted to 2 per family and 5 DVDs per card with a maximum of 10 DVDs per family.

There are no overdue fines charged to patrons, except on damaged and/or lost items.

It is strongly recommended that you not lend your card to others or allow others to check out on your card.  The person to whom the card is issued is responsible for all fees, fines, and materials checked out of that card.

A borrower's privileges may be suspended by the Director, if they have immediate family; including spouse or children under the age of eighteen, who have fines exceeding $50.00 or more.  This does not apply in the case of legal separations or divorces.

All library cards expire a minimum of 2 years when the patron's address may require updating.  Cards unused over a three year period will be deleted.

If a new patron is applying for a library card and indicate that they are in the "Safe at Home" program the Library still needs verification that they live in the town or county that your library is located.

  • This verification the customer should have gotten before they applied for a card.
  • If this has not been done by the customer, the librarian will provide the patron with the web address to get them started.
  • When the customer goes through the process and receives their certification then the Librarian can issue a card.  Obviously it will not be done on the same day.
  • The librarian can then call the Safe at Home office to insure what town or county the customer actually lives in. (515) 281-0145.
  • But the library must use the "Safe at Home" address on all records and mailings.


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