Minutes of last Board Meeting

Summarized minutes from the Board of Trustees meeting held Wednesday, March 14, 2023.  Roll Call: Robin  McKee (President pro-tem), Kristi Wragge, Rick Janssen, Dick Paulsen, and Terri McWilliams.  Also present was Kim Manning Director and Matt Grohe Hamton Chronicle.

March warrants of $20,239.95 approved by Rick with a second from Dick. Motion passed.  The Director shared the circulation and financial reports.  In February, 4,215 items circulated, which was 418 more that at this time last year.  An average of 65 people visited per day this month.  Financial Report has the account balance at $96,177.52 with 62% of the expected revenue has been received.  The Director clarified policies regarding banned books and the young adult section in the library.  The Director suggested that the trustees take the time to review the Collection Policy posted on the website, or talk to her to see the complete policy.