If you are interested in donating or leaving a sizeable memorial to the Foundation of the Hampton Public Library. Call the Library at 641-456-4451 for more information.  The Foundation is presided over by a six member board who handle all estates, bequests, or gifts of any amount over $100.00 which has not been designated for specific and immediate purchases for the Library.  The Foundation gifts $25,000.00 to the Library with all funds generated through the Foundation are invested and the interest from these investments is given to the Hampton Public Library's budget on a yearly basis.  The Foundatio also assists the library with contributions to major capital improvement projects, furnishings, materials, equipment and/or maintenance contracts beyond the library yearly budget.  The Hampton Public Library Foundation was incorporated by the Secretary of State in 1989.

Smaller donations and memorials can be made directly to the Library or to the Friends of the Hampton Public Library.