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Use a Computer

The library has public computers with Internet access. This describes what we have and how to use them.

The Hampton Public Library has 7 public access internet stations.  In order to use the Internet at the Library you must have a library card in good standing or sign in as a temporary user.  The Hampton Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and can not be held responsible for its content.  Just as the Hampton Public Library does not restrict an individual's access to printed information, this library can not refuse access to Internet sites which may be held objectionable to some people.

Parents or guardians are responsible for the Internet information selected and or accessed by their children.  Parents/Guardians and only parents/guardians may restrict their children and only their children from access to the Internet while in the Hampton Public Library.

Visitors or out-of-state travelers may use the Internet by reading this policy and signing the user log as a temporary user patron.  This is only intended for a few uses.  Internet uses beyond that, the Patron needs to apply for a permanent library card.

Only free e-mail services may be used by Hampton Public Library patrons.

Internet stations are located on the main floor as well as the children's department in the lower level.  Handicap access is on the lower level.

No personal software programs may be used on Internet computers.  No files may be downloaded on the hard drive of any HPL computer.  The library's computers have special software that make this impossible as well as software that completely cleans the history of any of our public access internets.  Any downloading must be done on a personal storage device of your own.

An Internet sessions is 60 minutes.  Report to the desk to ask permission to continue longer than 60 minutes.

A screen copy or copies of articles located on the Internet may be printed at a cost of twenty-five cents (.25) per page.  The printer is located at the main circulation desk located on the main floor.  Patrons should use the print preview selection to make sure they are printing only what they need because the library may ask the patron to pay for all the copies printed.

At the end of the Internet session, return the station to the "home" position.  Report to the circulation desk to pay for copies and log your quitting time.  Library staff will check your station after each use.  The Patron will be held responsible for any intentional damages to equipment and/or table.

Parents who are using the Internet must not leave their children unattended for library staff to supervise.

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