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Our Annual Report

Includes statistical and financial data, and narrative reports from the Library Director and certain staff members. It was approved by the Public Library Board on ____

The Hampton Public Library circulated 40,107 items last fiscal year.  Those items are made up of adult books, young adult books, children's books, video recordings, audio recordings, magazines, public access internets, and virtual Ebook circulation.

The Library averages 80 customers a day with Monday being the busiest day.  Last fiscal year 13,977 adult books were checked out and 20,075 children's books.  1,849 ebooks were downloaded.

The Library was very fortunate to have MidCom owned by Richard & Julie Salveson of Hampton again donate $5,000 to bring the Library's book budget back up to a workable amount.  The Library is very grateful for this generous gift.

The Hampton Public Library tries to serve as many of our patrons as possible and the patrons are very diverse and have very diverse needs.  The Library serves patrons who range in age from 1 week to 99 years of age.  The Library understands that the state of the economy has left local governments agonizing over budget reduction in virtually every service area.  Budget discussions frequently focus on core versus discretionary services.  Public Libraries are often among the services labeled discretionary despite their benefits to quality of life, literacy, and access to technology.  Your library can actively contribute to larger community goals in education, public safety, economic development, and the environment.

For a complete look at the Annual Report go to the State Library of Iowa's website.

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